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The Bound by Guilt Blog Tour

** Scroll down and click the links for their posts!

Julie Johnson at My5Monkeys says: "I loved that books were involved in some form. There was a couple times I teared up while reading the story. I loved that this book was full of hope." Read More

says: "Deeply engaging, Bound by Guilt is crafted with a wealth of emotional tension. I found myself reaching for the tissues several times as I read through its pages." Read More

says: "It’s a tale of love, forgiveness, and so much more. I found it the perfect redemption story with a gripping storyline and vivid plot." Read More

Becca's World
says: "Roxi was my favourite character in the story, but I have to admit the used books and the various settings also seemed like characters as well." Read More

Misc Mayzee
says: "Overall, I'm very impressed with C.J. Darlington's writing in this book, and I look forward to her next release as I'm sure she will only become a better author." Read More

Julie J at My Own Little Corner of the World
says: "This is the most inspiring book I've read this year!" Read More

Carpe Libris
says: "I stayed up late to finish and kept thinking about how I wish I had another Darlington book to read next!" Read More

Butterfly Journey
says: "It is not a suspense or a mystery, but I found myself turning the pages as if it were a suspense - just waiting to find out what was going to happen next. You will not be disappointed if you choose to read this book." Read more

Heidi Main
says: "Bound by Guilt mesmerized me from page one. The characters were deep and three dimensional. The plot was well thought out and integrated with a strong subplot. What kept me turning each page were the surprises." Read More

Caitlin Muir
says: "C.J.’s tale is thoroughly enjoyable. One thing I appreciated that the book wasn’t “preachy.” Many of the characters are Christians but they live their faith out instead of trying to smother each other with Bible verses and guilt." Read More

Blogging by Liza
says: "Bound by Guilt is filled with characters that inspire strong feelings in the reader. I really liked many of the characters in the story, but Roxi was my favorite." Read More

Clicking Her Heels
says: "This is one author that you've got to read." Read More

Ramblin' Roads
says: "I am especially intrigued by the antique book theme of the stories, but I find the characters to be believable and the plot is strong. Just what I look for in a good book!" Read More

Word Up!
says: "“Bound by Guilt” by C.J. Darlington is loaded with strong characters, imaginative writing and a solid plot!" Read More

Heather Hunt at The View From Stonewater
says: "Other than some misfires in dealing with Christy's character this time around, Darlington shows magnificent improvement over an impressive first novel. She again ramps up the story to a dramatic, tense, and page-turning conclusion that is satisfying even as we are not left with all the answers as to what will happen next. Perhaps we'll find out in Darlington's next novel ..." Read More

A Peek at My Bookshelf
says: "Have the tissues handy, and block out a lot of time to read, because you won't want to put this one down until the final page is turned." Read More

Mom 2 Mom Connection
says: "Go CJ! We’re anxiously awaiting another book in the Dawson’s Book Barn saga!" Read More

says: "I like Roxi. She’s got spunk. She’s led a very difficult life, one that would have shattered most of us. She longs to be loved, just like all of us, and it’s no wonder that she goes to the lengths that she does to find that love and approval." Read More

The Koala Bear Writer
says: "Every page in the novel kept me turning to the next one, thinking Bravo!, C.J. I can't wait to see what she writes next." Read More

The Mommy Rambles
says: "It's one of those books where you're willing to stay up through the night to finish it!" Read More

Window to My World
says: "C.J Darlington really knows how to "bind" the human condition with a unique and suspenseful mystery!" Read More

Daysong Reflections
says: "Bound by Guilt is more than just a good mystery/suspense novel. Darlington delves deep into the thoughts and emotions of her characters and portrays each one in all their strengths and weaknesses." Read More

Pondering's by Andrea
says: "Miss Darlington writes with the skills of a veteran author. Her characters are fully fleshed out, and she interweaves multiple storylines with flourish! I had a great deal of empathy for many of the characters (although not all; the character of Irene requires a lot of grace…)." Read More

Writing Remnants
says: "No doubt about it, C.J. Darlington is a rising star in today's Christian fiction. C.J.'s new book- Bound by Guilt made me want to read more by this very talented young author." Read More

Creative Madness
says: "I’m pleased to have discovered the stories from C.J. and look forward to more in the future." Read More

Patty LeBlanc at Reading Pal
says: "Roxi’s story made me cry at some points and rejoice in others. I felt the depth of her character with the raw emotions displayed in every choice she made and the thought process she went through." Read More

Stamped with Grace
says: "There are real life situations, both good and bad, as well as a wonderful story of redemption. I have read several Christian fiction books lately that leave God out almost all together, so I love reading a book that isn't afraid to talk about the Lord." Read More

Read, Write, Revamp
says: "Bound by Guilt was written with great emotion and care." Read More

Andrea's Take
says: "The characters came alive for me. That may sound like a cliché, but I just don’t know any better way to say it." Read More

Cara Putnam
says: "CJ has crafted a book with compelling characters and a situation that is almost unimaginable. Roxi finds herself in an impossible dilemma, and my heart broke for all involved. A great read!" Read More

Christy's Book Blog
says: "Darlington's writing is full of surprising depth. Each character is fully-fleshed and very real; at the end of the book, I was sad to be through with them. The plot is very pulled from the headlines with a message of faith for readers." Read More

Cornhusker Academy
says: "I really enjoyed C.J.'s first book and was so glad to see that she was finding a niche in Christian fiction that was unique from so many of the books that I usually review." Read More

Wyn is Reading
says: "The story is totally believable, compassionate, and with a twist at the end." Read More

Books & Needlepoint
says: "It is a great story about forgiveness - both for the people DOING the forgiving and those NEEDING it." Read More

Michelle Sutton of Healing Hearts
says: "The thing that intrigued me about this book the most was the foster care situation. I've worked with foster children for years as a child protective services worker and this author did a great job showing the inner turmoil that foster children go through." Read More

Relz Reviewz
says: "Mixing the intriguing world of rare books, a solid suspense thread, complex characters dealing with deep seated emotions and strong faith themes, CJ has proven she is an author with a very bright future." Read More

The Musings of a Book Addict
says: "This is an author we need to watch closely. Her writing is fresh and touching. Her characters are so real you can't help but identify with them." Read More

My Book Addiction
says: "Bound by Guilt is an amazing, positive story of not only God’s love but of love, forgiveness, guilt, healing and inspiration with powerful characters and a powerful plot." Read More

Marti Pieper
says: "In her new book, C.J.’s strength in creating believable characters shines as does her plotting ability. But the true power of Bound by Guilt lies not in the plot or characters but in its warm portrayal of God’s redemptive love." Read more

Write About Now
says: "The Biblical principles of love and forgiveness are prevalent throughout the pages of this book. From its beautiful cover to the final page, this book will draw you in and keep you captivated." Read More. Plus she features a new interview with C.J. Read more

Mocha With Linda
says: "Drama and suspense pulsate throughout this tale as Roxi's desperate search for unconditional love leads her down paths she never expected to travel." Read More

Reading to Know
says: "I stayed up until 2 in the morning to finish reading Bound by Guilt!" Read More

Peeking Between the Pages
includes C.J.'s inspiration behind Bound by Guilt with another chance to win it! Read More

Books, Movies & Chinese Food
says: "Since I read a lot of YA books, I enjoy seeing teenage characters in adult books that include perspectives from a teenage viewpoint." Read More

Lena Nelson Dooley
features an interview with C.J. plus a giveaway! Read More

Reviews by Molly
says: "She takes emotional plot lines, and mixes them with complex characters creating a gripping, vivid story that every reader is bound to fall in love with." Read More

says: "I rarely read anything that isn’t chick-lit or fantasy, but I loved Bound by Guilt." Read more

Divine Detours
has just posted an exclusive interview here.

Terri's Writing Adventures
says: "This is not a book you want to miss." Read More (she also includes an interview!)

Readin' N Writin'
with Patricia says: "There are so many unexpected things, from the shocking opening to the very end, that it would be unfair to say anything more. I will say, however, that Darlington's got me hooked." Read More

Camy Tang has
posted an excerpt of Bound by Guilt. Read it here.

Michelle V
says: "I love that the characters aren’t perfect. They are flawed people like you and me, which makes it easy to relate to them. It’s a beautiful story of redemption." Read More

posted the book trailer on her Trailer Park Tuesday feature here.

Delores Liesner
says: "Darlington’s multi-layered story delivered time and again leaving me not just refreshed – but enriched." Read More

Rocky Mountain Writer
says: "This book is a great story. As with her first book, CJ has brought to life believable, likable characters. She has a knack for drawing the reader into her world and making them feel at home." Read More

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer says: "Bound by Guilt is an intriguing mystery involving a runaway and an out-of-control police officer." Read More

Heatheraine at All Things Supernatural says: "This story kept me captivated till the very end. There are many layers to the story and it’s very well paced." Read More

Mark at Thoughts of A Sojourner says: "There is more suspense in this book, and it also explores broken relationships and redemption, showing that God can redeem anyone, and turn bad into good." Read More

Nora at Find Hope Through Fiction interviews C.J. and says: "C.J. Darlington takes the reader on an amazing book journey not only about rare and expensive books that turn up missing but of this young girl trapped in a situation she wants to get out of but doesn't quite know how." Read More She's also posted her full review!

The Character Therapist says: "Roxi, the young 16-year-old heroine, captured my heart because I work with teens just like her in a group home type situation." Read More

Lisa at Living Our Faith Out loud says: "CJ Darlington's sophomore novel avoids the slump. Completely. In fact, I liked Bound by Guilt much better than Thicker than Blood." Read More

Julie Arduini says: "I read it in one sitting. I didn’t take a break, go somewhere else, use the bathroom, none of it." Read More

Pink Sapphire says: "What amazed me the most was how much I felt for the main character, Roxi." Read More

Amy at Back Seat Writer says: "Bound by Guilt is an action-packed page turner that will keep you riveted to the end when you will feel satisfied by a story well-told." Read More

Angie at Never A Dull Moment says: "I recently saw where C.J. Darlington described her books as Lifetime Channel meets the Hallmark Channel. I think that is the perfect way to describe her books which is why it surprised me that I enjoy them so much." Read More

Cindy's Book Reviews says: "Truly this book was a book I could not put down, I was totally into Roxi's story, wanting things to turn out for her, I cried as she found herself rejected once again by the mother, she just wanted love from. I cried as she slept by the dumpster." Read More

Onedesertrose says: "C.J. does an excellent job of mixing the different personalities of the characters and the power some have over the others. Their lives are very real-to-life, ranging from pain-filled and lonely, to fearful and anxious, to sharp and legalistic, to uncaring and greedy, and finally to love and acceptance." Read More

Plus check out posts by:

Bly Books
Jane Austen, Chai Tea, and Me
Illuminating Fiction

Pat at Dwellings
Ronie Kendig: Craving the Supernatural

The Thicker than Blood Blog Tour Participants, Jan 18-24, 2010
In alphabetical order by blogger's name.

** Scroll down and click the links for their posts!

Akaya Lee

"It's been a while since I've read a book marketed as "Christian fiction" that actually WAS Christian fiction. Well I found one. It's Thicker Than Blood by C.J. Darlington. This novel is a beautiful story of reconciliation."

Amy K. Sorrells
Review: "...a distinctive, engaging novel for anyone who needs to know God is in the midst of their biggest mistakes and greatest fears."

Amy Lathrop - Sprightly
Review: "I was hooked from the first line. A fast paced story of redemption, the struggle of 'real' life and the amazing Grace of God.

Amy Riley - My Friend Amy
Review: "In many ways, it feels like a classic Christian fiction novel, with characters seeking redemption for past mistakes. Despite that, though, it does take some unexpected turns and not everything is as you imagine it will be."

Andrea Schultz
Review: "...a wonderful story of redemption, forgiveness, and God’s love reflected in His people."

Angela Cisco
Review: "The Characters drew me in, but the drama and suspense is what held my attention to the very end."

Angela Robinson - Never a Dull Moment
Review: "...a touching and suspenseful read and one that I recommend."

Annette Kristynik
Review: "Love is the theme of the novel, the love between the two sisters even though they've been apart many years has stayed strong and like a magnet they are drawn to each other.
The author gives a strong glimpse into the world of addiction, it is written with gut wrenching reality."

Barbara Brink
Review: "Thicker than Blood is a sweet and tender story that reminds us that God does deal in second chances."

Bonnie Way - Koala Bear Writer
Review: "One thing that intrigued me immediately about the book was Christy’s job in a bookstore and her work in acquiring valuable books for the store."

Brittanie Terrell – A Book Lover
Review: "This was a page turner I could not wait to see what happened next."

Caleb Newell - Reviews+
Review: "...amazing and intriguing."

Candace Calvert - RX Hope
Interview & Review: "Action, suspense, emotion, enduring hope: this book has it all!"

Carrie Brownell – Reading to Know
Review: "...a pleasure to read and a pleasure to recommend."

Cathi Hassan
Review: "...an excellent Christian fiction novel that doesn't really fit into one of the normal genre cubbyholes, at least as far as I can see." Also read her insights on the relationships in TTB here.

Cathy Bryant - Word Vessel
Review: "With realistic characters and true-to-life situations, the author skillfully weaves the stories of Christy and May into a total package to create a book with impact."

CeeCee McNeil – BookSplurge
Review: "Darlington’s debut reads much like any seasoned author, tackling weighty issues like substance abuse and emotional manipulation with skill."

Christina Berry
Review: "Lovers of horses, lovers of books, or lovers of story will enjoy this suspenseful debut!"

Deborah Khuanghlawn - Books, Movies, Chinese Food
Review: "The story kept me engrossed from the beginning and I could not stop turning the pages."

Deborah Leathers

Deena Peterson – A Peak at My Bookshelf
Review: "Filled with unique flavor and genuine relationships, "Thicker Than Blood" is guaranteed to strike a chord in your heart."

Dorothy Lazorchik
Review: "Thicker than Blood is not only a good Christian novel it is a good novel period. "

Elizabeth Mays - A Nut in a Nutshell
Review: "The emotions and internal struggles of each of the sisters were realistically portrayed and are engaging to the reader. As a work of Christian fiction, it wasn't preachy, which is one of my biggest pet peeves."

Erin Lowmaster
Review: "...kept me on my toes and also left me in tears."

Heather R. Hunt - The View From Stonewater
Review: "...this first-time novelist has packed her story with compelling characters, nail-biting, cringe-inducing action, and settings both intimate and majestic that would keep any moviegoer pinned in their seats if this were a film script."

Janet Carter - GAHome2Mom
Review: "I recommend that even your teenagers read this one."

Janna Ryan – Cornhusker Academy
Review: "The characters are deep and mysterious as their pasts unravel before us, the plot lines are intense and diverse and the editing is wonderful along with the beautiful cover and packaging by Tyndale."

Jeannie Campbell - Where Romance Meets Therapy
Review: "Real Problems, Realistically Portrayed"

Jennie Crevier - My Buckling Bookshelf
Review: "If I could describe CJ Darlington's novel with one word, it would be authentic."

Jennifer Allee
Review: "...Darlington creates characters who burrow right into your heart. "

Jennifer Bogart – Quiverfull Family
Review: "Darlington’s true focus is upon tenderly developing the themes of familial love, reconciliation, forgiveness and faith. This she does well, and it’s no wonder I cried."

Jenny B. Jones
Featured Interview

Jenny Blake
Review: "I found the further I got into the book the more I didn't want to put it down."

Julie Arduini
Review: "This book belongs in the hands of anyone who knew or knows woundedness."

Julie Johnson
Review: "I love how the author was not afraid to tackle difficult subjects. Ms. Darlington did so with grace and love."

Karla Cook - Ramblin' Roads
Review: "My favorite part was reading about Christy's job as an antiquarian book buyer. I want that job!"

Kim Ford
Review: "The story captures the struggle for mankind’s inability to fully grasp the grace of God and the redeeming love offered to each of us no matter where we are or what we’ve done."

Kristi Herbrand - Books & Needlepoint
Review: "This book presents accepting Christ in a very down to earth way - and makes it relatable to all readers, no matter their walks of life or current faith. I did not feel it was preachy in any way, it just was there, take it or leave it and showed that sometimes (I would say most times) accepting Christ is not just a flip of a light switch."

Kristinia Clos - Loving Heart Mommy
Review: "...you will be moved by this story, you will feel for Christy and May, its an amazingly written book!"

Kristy Coday - Stamped With Grace
Review: "...fast-paced and easily kept my attention."

Linda Attaway –Mocha with Linda
Review: "...I kept thinking I would just read one more chapter . . .and then another and another!"

Linda Wagner
Review: "A book of hope for torn apart families."

Lisa Lickel
Review: "Darlington pulls no punches with her debut novel about broken people in a hurtful world."

Lucie Buchert
Trailer posted

Mark Buzard
Review: "I enjoyed the book immensely."

Mary Dreisbach
Review: "This book is filled with adventure, packed with emotion and wrapped with a ribbon of God's redeeming love and amazing grace!"

Melissa Carswell - Hidden Valley Simplicity
Review: "C.J. delivers her first novel as if she is a writing veteran."

Michelle Sutton - Edgy Inspirational Author
Review: "I loved how realistically domestic violence and alcoholism is portrayed. That was very well done."

Michelle Vasquez
Review: "...packed full of drama, suspense, secrets, relationships, and an incredible picture of God's love and forgiveness."

Mimi Baker - Woven by Words
Review: "C.J. outdid herself in this debut novel. She covers a couple of topics that are rarely seen in Christian fiction. She goes out on a limb and finds success! Her writing is as strong as her characters and very penetrating!"

MJ Chind - Creative Madness
Review: "Nitty gritty honest truth under your skin, but you have to turn to the page and find out what happens next."

Molly Edwards
Review: "I was completely captured by this dramatic story."

Nicole Petrino-Salter
Review: "...a solid first effort."

Nora St. Laurent - Finding Hope Through Fiction
Fun Interview & Review: "I was hooked from the first sentence."

Pamela Morrisson - Daysong Reflections
Review: "This is a story with meat to it. The characters are well developed and interact naturally. Their daily lives, their struggles, their hopes and dreams unite to make each character three dimensional – people that could be friends, neighbors, or coworkers."

Peggy Blann Phifer - Sips 'n Cups Cafe
Review: "C.J. brought me into the story quickly and easily. I was “there” through the whole book. That’s a rare gift from the author to the reader."

Rachel McMillan - Thinking Girl's Guide to Christian Fiction
Review: "Overtly Christian and filled with themes of redemption and grace, Thicker Than Blood is a thesis on the power of family, God and change..."

Rebecca Carter
Review: "...an easy read with a great opening and good pacing throughout."

Rel Mollet - Relz Reviewz
Character Spotlight on May & Christy Williams &
: "...gives readers a book that satisfies the soul and evokes heartfelt emotions.."

Richard Mabry
Featured Interview

Robin Lee Hatcher
What's New in Christian Fiction

Ronie Kendig
Review: "...weaves a poignant tale about the repercussions of hasty decisions and one woman trying to fight her way out of the world she's created."

Sandie Kirkland
Review: Coming soon

Sarah Heath - Reborn Butterfly
Review: "I absolutely LOVED this debut novel from C.J. Darlington. It has depth and truth..."

Sherrie Ashcraft
Review: "Darlington develops her characters well, so much so that there were times I wanted to shout at Christy for making such bad decisions!"

Sibella Giorello
Feature Interview re: homeschooling

Stacey Dale - Word Up
Review: "...well plotted and beautifully written book that will keep the reader on the edge of his or her seat."

Suzanne Woods Fisher
Review: "I especially enjoyed how C.J. wove in Scripture without sounding pious or simplistic. That’s not easy to do!"

Tammie Fickas - Rocky Mountain Writer
Review: "CJ’s book was thrilling and encouraging at the same time."

Tammy Litke - Three Different Directions
Review: "The book flows wonderfully, with an interesting storyline filled with real life characters."

Tiffany Amber Stockton
Review: "I felt like I was right there in the book shop, smelling the pages of the old volumes, or right there on the ranch smelling the musty hay, and deeply involved in the sisters' lives."

Tracy Ruckman - Pix n Pens
Review: "The book has friendships, action and a nasty villain."

Vennessa Ng - Illuminating Fiction
Review: "Darlington successfully pulls readers into the story with well rounded characters and beautifully crafted scenes which make you feel as though you are really there amid the action."

Virginia Smith
Review: "The writing is smooth, the characters compelling, and the plot satisfyingly well-paced."

Wyndy Callahan - Wyn is Reading
Review: "The raw emotions and flashbacks of the one sister contrasted nicely with the peaceful but frustrated emotions of the other sister who was trying to learn who her sister really was under the walled layers."