Ties that BindTies that Bind

When Brynn Taylor is released from prison she decides to fulfill her mother’s dying wish and find her father, a man she’s never met. Armed with a bus ticket, a backpack, and her grandfather’s gun, her search leads her to Elk Valley, Colorado. She’s prepared to face the man who broke her mother’s heart, but when she discovers she has two sisters who have no idea she exists, her plan begins to unravel.

Too ashamed of her record, she can’t bring herself to reveal her identity to her sisters until she gets her life together. Instead, she tries to fit into their busy lives of horse training and bookselling, hoping they won’t suspect who she really is.

But an unexpected death sends Brynn into a tailspin. How can she win her sisters’ love if she can’t even keep her former drug addiction under control? Will her past catch up with her before she gathers enough courage to tell her sisters the truth?

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Ties that Bind is Book #3 in the Thicker than Blood series. All books stand alone entirely and can be read independently of each other, but for the best reading experience, we suggest reading them in order:

Book #1: Thicker than Blood
Book #2: Bound by Guilt
Book #3: Ties that Bind
Book #4: Running on Empty


“A captivating blend of grit and tenderness, with well-drawn characters, action, suspense, and a soul-stirring message of hope and grace.”
Candace Calvert, author of the Mercy Hospital, and Grace Medical series

“C. J. Darlington grabbed my heart with her story of 'the lost sister'. Failure and forgiveness wrestle through this novel--but grace wins.”
Neta Jackson, author of the Yada Yada Prayer Group series and its spinoffs